Sunday, May 9, 2010

Radical Homemakers

Here's a link to a review of a book by Shannon Hayes about the new generation of homemakers. Praised by both Vicki Robin and John de Graaf (of the voluntary simplicity movement), it definitely looks worth investigating.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Welcome to Home Keeping Journey!

Hi! I’m Annie. Welcome to Home Keeping Journey. I’ve created this blog to be a record, a forum for (respectful) discussion of homemaking and all that entails, and a place to share what I learn along the way. I am a wife, and mother of a six-year old darling, vivacious girl and (very!)soon a new baby. Though we live in a culture than does not much support the profession of housewife, it is what I love to do. There is such joy to be had in this important work. Everything begins at home. It is where personalities and society are shaped. I believe it is strongly undervalued these days. It is not considered a "real" job, although if women quit doing "women's work" such as tending children, the sick and elderly, stopped cooking, cleaning, and doing the other million unpaid things they do, the results would be catastrophic. Not only would the quality of life be dismal; the world's economy would grind to a halt.

Although I have been a housewife for many years I have not had the proficiency at it and the commitment to it that I wish to. It is my goal to become excellent at my job, and to continue to learn about the many, many facets of home-keeping. I hope to meet more like-minded people through this blog and to offer and receive encouragement to others on their journeys.

I hope you enjoy your visit here and find something worthwhile to take away with you!