Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A good start

In my continuing journey of making a cozy, frugal, sanctuary of a home, I have taken another tiny step. I baked four loaves of yummy whole wheat bread. My goal is to make all of our bread from scratch.It has been far too long since I last made bread. I kept telling myself that it took all day, it was too messy, etc. I'm beginning to see that this kind of internal message is bull. The process goes on all day, but certainly doesn't require my constant attention.Quite the contrary, a lot of it is waiting. But to tell the truth, I love the whole soothing process of waiting, kneading, pounding down, shaping the loaves, and finally the sweet, delicious, nourishing smell of bread baking that fills the house. To me, baking bread is a strong symbol of home and comfort. You know someone is home making the plain bread that family will eat all week. Mama is home making sure all the regular duties that make life pleasant are being seen to.
Some friends stopped by just after I had taken the loaves out to cool.I love that they came from their frosty walk into a house that was warm and bright and smelled heavenly. All the kids gorged themselves on it too, paired with mine and my mother-in-laws' jam. Seeing everyone going back for seconds and thirds (and in some cases, sixths!) was sure a nice compliment for me, the semi-novice bread baker!

Mrs. BB

Monday, March 5, 2012

Cultivating patience

I was sitting here holding this sweet sleeping toddler-girl. Unable to get up or shift her without waking her, I came to realize that I had been going over my mental "to-do" list and growing impatient and discontent, thinking of all I needed or wanted to do with my day. Then the Universe kindly reminded me of what is really important. Is not holding and loving my daughters the most vital thing I could be doing? Annoyance dissolved, priorities were restored to their natural place. Sometimes I think my attitude can be my biggest handicap or my greatest help.