Saturday, December 22, 2012

Make and Do

Here is Big Girl looking through one of my favorite craft books as a girl;" Make and Do". It is part of a series put out by Childcraft in the 1970's. I remember poring over this book with all it's good ideas and wonderful illustrations.  I love to see my own little crafty girl now doing the same.

Yarn crafts

Yarn crafts. This is a photo I submitted to a craft show to give an idea of my wares. Left to right: free form crochet fingerless mitts I made up when I was in my early 20's, behind that a infinity scarf I think I might dye with all those onion skins I (& Husby, very kindly) have been saving up in the freezer.
 In front of that is the best hat I ever made. The striped design is based on a turkey wing fungus. I have been trying to recreate the shape as it is so flattering but I think I am encountering the drawback to "freeform" crochet.
Behind that is a solid little purse that was my first ever cardboard loom project (from when I was 19). Little Girl likes to fill it with random things and carry it about.
Next is another infinity scarf made from two of the t shirts Husby owned when we first met. He was 18. A mere young'un :) It is sentimental but, alas, also uncomfortably lumpy.
The mittens in front were made from a striped wool sweater I bought with one of my first paychecks. It fit a bit boxy and then developed some moth holes. I just traced Big Girl's hand when she was about 4, then stitched it up on the sewing machine.
I am in the process of making more sweater mittens from a lovely thick, red sweater I found on dollar day at Value Village. It machine felted beautifully and actually came out about a 1/4 of an inch thick. I cut a new pattern for Big Girl's now 8 year old hands and cut two mirror images of wool, two of an old t shirt for lining. I think they will turn out well. Now Little Girl can wear the old ones if they can ever both be found at the same time. I think I may attach some mitten strings to our collection like the ones in Laura Ingalls Wilder's books. Big Girl has been finger knitting up a storm so this may be something we can use all of those strings for.
Attached to each mitten and through the sleeve like these above :
Or these.I'll post pics when I'm done.