Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Made do, Mended

I made a passable, cool-looking new lid after me repeatedly boiling the kettle dry took its' toll on the glass lid. I salvaged the metal ring and knocked out any remaining glass chunks.Then I found a pickle jar lid that was a little smaller than the ring. I carefully pounded with a hammer until it would pop into the ring and not come out again. Poked a hole and put an old knob from the bathroom cabinet on. The original plastic one was melted.
I love crap like this!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Cheap diaper covers. No duct tape required.

This is what happens when you slack off on washing diaper covers and didn't buy any disposables because you're trying to be SUSTAINABLE Damn it! This is not a one time deal either. I knew about this little trick from when my eldest was a baby and we had no more clean diaper covers and I was zealously anti-disposable. (hahaha) The trick is to just cut off a little bit of the corner and squeeze those chubby legs on through. Voila! Waterproof cover. Colorful, and thrifty too!Underneath her butt it says "5 a day for better health!) So it doubles as cheap amusement too!