Thursday, September 9, 2010

A side benefit to walking your neighborhood

As R and I were taking a short walk the other evening we came upon a giant community mulch/yard waste dumping pile. I began to get excited at the composting possibilities. R spotted some cast-off flowers near the top so I clambered up to retrieve them for her.Then I noticed the huge bamboo poles lying on top. I had been wishing for some of these for staking and child fort/tepee making. There were also piles of lovely, fragrant pine needles. Their scent reminded me of a childhood spent under my beloved giant ponderosa pine trees. We returned with the car to haul as many 5 gallon buckets and garbage cans as we could back home.Treasure! Most of the bamboo was so long I had to leave the hatch open on the way home. Luckily we were only a few blocks away. We have lived here six years and I had never seen this pile before. Obviously I need to walk about more often! We also found some giant evergreen logs up for grabs a few streets down.Next years' firewood.The bounty is there if you just look for it and are not afraid to look uncool scrabbling around in grass clippings.

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